Specialised staff dedicated to any
customer need.

Presezzi Extrusion does not consider an order completed after a press is delivered, the delivery is only the beginning of work.

Even after our machines are assembled, they are followed and monitored by our Service department, one of our strengths, a team of professionals highly specialized in assisting customers during production.

Remote Servive

Initial customer service is provided via Internet. For this reason, each machine or system is equipped with a modem that guarantees systematic service, constantly monitoring each customer's problem. Remote service allows us to identify problems in real-time and, when possible, resolve situations directly from our facilities, thus saving time and increasing productivity.

Mechanical Service and Spare Parts

Our Service department helps customers find the best solution to any Mechanical problem since we are able to provide mechanical spare parts whenever necessary. If on-site service is required, an appointment will be made with our technicians to identify the best corrective measures to be implemented.

If, on the other hand, Spare Parts are required, whether standard or special, our staff will be pleased to quickly provide customers with the best estimate for the required parts.